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A little bit about our history:

Jorge Knirsch tells us a bit about how things have developed since the opening of his company By Knirsch:

 - About 20 years ago, I, as an electronic engineer, became very excited about the field of electric circuits and electronics, an area which had always excited me. It was then that I decided to make electronics my hobby. I decided to set out and develop a sound system of such quality that the listener, when they closed their eyes, would have difficulty in discerning whether the sound was being reproduced or was being played live!  A very modest project, don’t you think? But I was super-excited about this idea! And I took it to heart. That was how I got my start in audio. In November of 1980, I began to develop a system of tri-amplification. In the beginning my focus was on basic electronics. I built various pieces of equipment and played around a lot with them. I also built speaker boxes from England (KEF). I made the box from cedar wood and imported the speakers. During this time I had a lot of fun changing the value of the electronic components found in the circuits of the equipment. I wanted to make adjustments that would take me closer to my goal and obtain the distinct sound I was looking for. I knew exactly what to change to make the bass, mids and trebles sound better and adjust them in the way I thought best. But it was funny because at that time our audio-lovers group couldn’t come to an agreement about the results that we heard because of the subjectivity of our evaluation which was still immature and lacking experience. For example, when one thought that we should adjust the trebles, others thought there was a problem with the high mids...and no one could argue that he was more correct! It was at this time that we all felt a great need to attend as many live musical shows as possible; and quickly!! Of course, during these many years we have passed through many phases, learning to evaluate the sound with more objectivity, and as such, improving our evaluations. Since that time, I continue to experiment with the same objective always in mind: to have a sound system that appears to be playing music live! In 1996, when the Brazilian magazine “Áudio and Vídeo Club” was launched, I was invited to write in a space called the Hobbyist. From that point on, I have written numerous articles on different basic themes about audio. The fact that I became a writer of articles has led me to intensify even more the research that I do. I have discovered that I love to do research! It takes me to another world and I forget everything else! And audio, without a doubt, is an area of study that is very broad. As time has passed I have discovered that audio in itself is much broader than electronics. I really perceived this when at one point I found that I had reached a plateau with my sound. It didn’t matter what I changed; there seemed to be no significant changes to the sound quality. It was then that I understood that there were other factors, outside of the electronic parts of my system, that were acting as the weak links in the chain and that were limiting my advancements. Of these factors, the ones I deemed most significant were the acoustics, the electrical power grid, the grounding, and vibrations. When I began my studies on electrical power grids, I noted that certain electrical distortions called grid harmonics were audible through the speakers. As a result, I began to research various electronic filters in the hope of getting rid of these electrical energy harmonics. Consequently I discovered that the majority of electric filters introduce collateral effects such as turning the trebles more metallic or “fattening” the mid-bass. After some years of studying, I was able to build an electronic circuit that took out the unwanted harmonics without any of these side effects! As you can see in the section of our site, Brands and Patents (Marcas e Patentes), this equipment was patented. From there, I developed a device that together with a system of protection against lightening strikes and energy spikes became our famous energy conditioner, powerline. Thankfully, powerline is a great success in the audio market; even outside of Brazil! And in the same exciting and natural way, our other products from By Knirsch began to appear, all of them coming from lots of research based on technological knowledge that always excites me more and more and opens a path for me to conquer my initial goal of making a sound system that is as close to sounding “live” as possible!

Jorge Knirsch was Born in São Caetano do Sul, in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, in 1949. He graduated in Electrical Engineering, in 1974, from the Mauá School of Engineering. He is an associate of CREA and a member of AES (Áudio Engineering Society). He worked for the German company Siemens for 26 years in the area of Low Voltage Electrical Energy for Industry. When he retired, in 2001, he opened his new company, By Knirsch Audio and Video Limited. Since 1980 he has been researching the influence of electrical energy on recording and reproduction of recorded music.  He is the holder of three patents registered at INPI, in the area of electronic filtering of harmonics and electrical protection. He was also a contributor to the magazine Áudio & Vídeo, from 1996 to 2003, where he published many articles focused on electrical energy and audio. All of these articles can be found on his site: Today, after extensively studying acoustics, his energies are focused on studying the Balanced Listening Room.

PS. Jorge Knirsch continues his research in the area of audio, acoustics, eletrical energy and publishes his articles on his site, and gives classes on electrical energy and acoustics.



Jorge Knirsch


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